Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Halloween Nails - Revlon Red

Tomorrow is Halloween, which means Halloween inspired nails :) :)
I have watched and seen so many cute ideas for Halloween nails, but I don't think they would turn out just as perfect if I did them on my nails haha. So I thought I would go with something more easy.

I did a splatter effect using a straw and dipping it in the polish and blowing it onto the nail. I have done this once before, and was still not good at it but I thought I would try again. I did one coat of Sally Hansen White On on my nails and then used Revlon Red which is one of my oldest polishes and has not thickened or changed in formula which is great. I also top coated with Seche Vite. I wanted to do this mani after I saw lots of people do blood splatter nails for Dexter, so I don't know who to credit because I saw so many!
This was my first attempt at splatter nails

It didn't turn out as well as I hoped, but that's ok because I need to change my nails tomorrow again for going out on the weekend :) 
I wish Halloween was a bigger deal here in Australia, and I really really want to go to America in time for one (hopefully one day!)
Anyways, hope whoever is reading is having a good hump day :)
Kimberley x


  1. Very cute, I think they turned out fantastic! Halloween is tons of fun, make sure to come to California when you visit North America! Happy humpday to you!

  2. Really cute! I love the colors together in the second mani, and nice job with the red Halloween one too! :)