Sunday, 15 December 2013

China Glaze Sweet Hook & Glistening Snow p.s. I'm back!

Hey! I have been very M.I.A for a while. I had a rough week this week, had surgery and returned to work which is getting hectic! So my nails have definitely taken a back seat :( I've only been wearing either a base coat or neutral colours, which I love at the moment :)! So a few days ago I tried out China Glaze Sweet Hook & Glistening Snow to bring back some colour!
P.S. before you think I have a skin disease on my hands, my fake tan was finally fading and looked horrible haha.

...and sadly, it chipped the same day so I removed it all :( I just cannot stand chipping these days, it drives me crazy haha. So this is such a nice colour, pastel lilac colour is how I would describe :P And Glistening Snow, do I even have to say more.. BEAUTIFUL silver scattered holo, can be worn on its own in 2 coats even though I might have done three. Formulas were great, but the chipping was just terrible!!

Thanks for reading :) Kimberley xx

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