Sunday, 15 December 2013

Nail Polish Haul & Face of Australia Polishes

Hey again :) I've started to get back into polish this week and to my surprise (and excitement!) Nicole By O.P.I is finally in sold in Target! YES! I feel like we are finally getting the good brands in stores that are more accesible and cheaper like Essie at Priceline because then at least there is a chance of getting them on sale. 
Soo my haul started here. There was a sale for 2 for $20 at Target so I picked up 4 Nicole by O.P.I :S then Sally Hansen Triple Shine came out finally so I had to try them too! THEN I went to Big W and found the Face of Australia Carnivale Texture collection and of course I needed to try them because there was a 3 for 2 sale (yessss). What can I say, it's Christmas time? :D

From the top:
Nicole By O.P.I Candy is Dandy, Selena, Cinna-Man of My Dreams, Blue-berry Sweet On You.
Sally Hansen Triple Shine in Dream Sequins, Hypnautical, Twinkled Pink
Face of Australia Carnivale in My Island Home, Mango Slurpee, Bird of Paradise & Ferris Wheel

Face of Australia My Island Home & Bird of Paradise accent nail.

Face of Australia is a drug store brand and I didn't like there other polishes, but as soon as I knew they were doing textures.. I had to have them.They are really good formulas and I am loving the colours, I want to go back tomorrow and buy the others from the collection :S This is two coats of each polish.

Let me just say, I am obsessed with textured polish. It is my favourite trend this year and I hope companies keep bringing them out :)! They are just so easy to apply, they dry quickly and I love the rough feel strange enough haha. 
I am so happy I could finally get my hands on some Nicole by O.P.I Gumdrops because they were only available on eBay for me and were too expensive :( I will be wearing them hopefully soon and tell you more about how awesome they are!
Last but not least, Sally Hansen Triple Shine, lovely colours.. not so keen on how sheer they are :/ but I can work with that.

Sorry for the long post!
Kimberley xx


  1. I love Bird of Paradise!
    Your nails look great :)

    1. It's really pretty. Thanks Julia :)

  2. Replies
    1. Really good quality for drugstore brand :D