Wednesday, 6 November 2013

My (Outdated) Nail Polish Collection :D

Hey everyone :)

Let me start by saying that this is in no way meant to be bragging, I love seeing peoples collections whether photos or on youtube and hope people will enjoy seeing mine. I decided to do a post about my stash because I need help! I am really having trouble thinking of how to store my polish since half of it is on top of a shelf and half is in a nail polish rack..

My phone camera does not take the best photos :S

So, this is my nail polish rack. It said it holds 90 but I could only fit 84 :/ I got it from a nail polish supplier in Adelaide which sells really old nail polish for below retail price and the only place I have ever seen China Glaze sold in person haha. This rack holds my China Glaze and O.P.I except for two that I can't fit. I really love how the rack looks, but because it doesn't hold too many, I worry buying more racks because I imagine my collection will grow. I think I would need 2 more racks to hold everything? I'm not sure. 

This is what I have on top of my bookshelf in my room haha. This is my Essies, Indies, Sally Hansen, Color Club, Orly and Chemist polishes. It really isn't how I would like to display them but it's okay for now.

Close Up!
Another close up
Now my real problem is buy more racks OR buy a helmer?? I love the thought and look of a helmer, so organised and neat! And they hold so much polish (room for more? :P) I also like how one draw can hold my nail equipment such as remover and stripers because my current stuff is either in a little box or in another draw. My issue is the price though, I saw them at Ikea and the one I really liked was over $200 :/ so I was a bit put off. The rack I have was about $55 I think so two more would cost less than a helmer, but when I move out, I just don't know how much wall space my next place will have! Ahhh I don't like deciding D:

I would really appreciate any suggestions or ideas :)

Thanks, Kimberley x


  1. I'm so jealous of your collection! If it were me, I would go ahead and buy a helmer since you might buy more polish in the future. It'll take up less space and there's more room for polish. That's my opinion. I need a helmer myself, I have my polish in shoeboxes now lol. Hope I helped!

  2. yeah I love helmers, haha thats how I used to store mine too :) helped a lot thank you

  3. what a collection 0.0
    love that rack, need to get me some :D

  4. You've got so much polishes,! I'm jealous :)

    xx I love your blog!