Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Essie Fiji

Hey again :D

I had such a craving to do my nails today, so.. I did them with my favourite nail polish colour of all time BABY PINK! I decided to use a pink I haven't used yet which is Essie Fiji.

I love this shade, swatches I'd looked up before buying it made it look almost white. But after putting it on, it is definitely the cutest light pink creme. I also did a little stripped sorta thing on my accents with Essie Mint Candy Apple and put a layer of Sally Hansen Disco Ball on the other nails which is my substitute for China Glaze Fairy Dust because I need it in my life! Formula :S okay, I don't know, I feel like Essie has such a tendency to be gloopy and drag but I just love their colours so much I don't care haha.

Kimberley x

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