Wednesday, 5 February 2014

China Glaze Happy Go Lucky

Hellooo :) quick post today everyone! Can I just say how excited I was for the O.P.I Brazil collection to come out! I was waiting to go on eBay today when I got home so I could see if anyone was selling them yet and they were! I have 3 of the polishes sitting in my cart as we speak haha, and one from the Gwen Stefani collection that I am contemplating. Can't spare too much money right now so I wont buy as many as I wanted.. yet. Got a bit sidetracked.. by the way this is China Glaze Happy Go Lucky, a bright yellow creme with an accent nail of Maybelline Gold's Night Out.

Not an easy formula to work with sadly, very streaky but what I have found with China Glaze is you need to use a lot of polish on the nail otherwise the polish drags. I wasn't so careful this time because I was in a hurry so my nails look dreadful (sorry!) Thanks for stopping by :)



  1. Hi =) The colour is really nice, and even if there are some imperfections, doesn't matter, the colour is so luminous that they're well hidden ;)

  2. aww that makes me feel better haha, thankyou very much :)