Monday, 17 February 2014

OPI Peace & Love & OPI

Hiii! Been a bit M.I.A for a little while, I have a very annoying cold that does not want to leave. I also did Valentines Day nails and that didn't turn out how I wanted so I decided not to put them on the blog haha.
How was everyone's Valentines Days? Mine was nice, went and saw Alex Williamson Live, who's a very funny Australian comedian on YouTube.
Let me start by saying I could not properly catch the colour of this polish in any photos! I take my photos using my phone and have wanted a nice camera for a while and thought since I am turning 21 next week, I might buy myself a present (what a good excuse)! I'm looking at a Nikon P520, if anyone knows anything about this camera please message me because I really don't know much about cameras :S
On to the polish....

This is Peace & Love & OPI from the 2013 San Francisco Fall (or Autumn as we say in Australia) Collection.
What a beautiful colour! Very different from what I usually wear actually, I'm not one for darker tones but I'm trying to venture out of my polish comfort zone haha! This is an awesome duochrome that changes from teal to a purple and maybe a little pink? I'm not a very huge duochrome person but I love this! 
Formula I had a bit of an issue with, wasn't too streaky but it was a bit thick and took a while to dry. Otherwise, it was fineeee :D

Hope this last photo shows the true colour! Thanks for visiting!


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