Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Cookies & Cream Jelly Sandwich

Hey everyone :D
I saw Chalkboard Nails do this mani a while ago (here is her awesome post!) and have always wanted to try it. I have only done jelly sandwiches a couple of times and am not a huge fan. But... this mani looked so yummy :D I love how it looks just like cookies and cream on your nails. So creamy.. makes me hungry :P

I basically followed Chalkboard Nails method keeping in mind that she said using two coats of base made this get very thick.
-I started with OPI Skull & Glossbones, a very light grey, as a base doing only one coat and that covered quite well.
- I then added a coat of Ulta3 Stop the Press. I picked this up for $2 at the chemist because I have been wanting a black and white glitter in a clear base  for so long. I had to use it that very day haha.
-Next was a thin coat of Essie Marshmallow, a sheer white to lightly cover and tone down the glitter.
- I added another coat of Stop the Press, and to top it off, a good coat of Seche Vite.

My one peeve about this mani was how long Stop the Press took to dry (arghhh). I had to wait atleast 10-15 minutes before it no longer felt sticky on the nails, hence how many smear marks you see. Trust me, it was worse before I touched it all up haha. And because I had to layer more, it got quite thick but nothing terrible.

I hope I got just a little close to how Chalkboard Nails mani was, hers was great! I'm really keen to try this black and white glitter over other colours, just wish it took less time to dry D:


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