Saturday, 18 January 2014

Essie A Crewed Interest

Hey! I have had these photos for a few days but just did not have time to upload them (sorry)! The weather was so hot here lately that I have just not bothered to do my nails as much haha. But I did do these the other day, Essie A Crewed Interest & an accent of Sally Hansen Celeb City & Maybelline Gold's Night Out.

A Crewed Interest is a really pretty peachy pink pastel sort of colour. Quite like Essie Van D'Go (amazing polish) but less pink.

Formula wise blehhh! Essie has terrible formulas I have come to find, but I can't resist their unique colour range (and the cute square bottles!). This was 3 coats of A Crewed Interest. It was so streaky and patchy and my technique is not the best which does not help the situation haha. Wear was ok though, this lasted the 2 days I wore it at work and only chipped on a couple nails.

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