Friday, 10 January 2014

O.P.I Tiffany Case

Today is Friday, so what better way to start the weekend then try out one of your new polishes? I have done a bit of nail shopping lately (when I say a bit I actually mean a lot) and am just starting to receive my packages. I opened one yesterday and saw the most gorgeous liquid sand I have seen yet.. O.P.I Tiffany Case!

Yep, I'm in love :DDDD Move over O.P.I Jinx! This is so sparkly and shiny on the nails it's like you're wearing tons and tons of glitter, but you're only wear 2 coats of polish. Full of blue micro glitter and silver glitters, beautiful.

I'm almost tempted to top coat this, but I really love the rough feeling on my nails so I won't. 
O.P.I Liquid Sands are the best textured polishes (in my opinion) and I need to have them all haha



  1. This is such a gorgeous polish! I love the little silver glitters, and the texture looks great. It looks perfect on you!

    1. Thanks :) I am too obsessed with textures!

  2. I'm not a fan of textured polishes. But this looks great on you!